New milestone reached. 1000 pictures sold.

Today was very strange. This noon during break I checked my pictures downloaded on the stocksites and I was amazed to see I sold more than 5 pictures in the morning. Normally my average is 1.5 pictures a day. Than I realized I had to check my all times total and indeed the thousand pictures sold milestone was passed. I have to say this is my best day ever, and I dare to suspect my friends to have downloaded them as a late April fool joke, as I never sold that many pictures in one day.

Anyway here are the pictures downloaded today

On Fotolia
1846-minipic 1867-minipic 1858-minipic

On Shutterstock
239-minipic 2933-minipic 586-minipic

On 123RF

And on depositphoto (where I stopped uploading some time ago)

So 8 pictures on one day, it can’t get better.

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