Latest news from the front

Since my last post there was quite a bit happening on the photographing front.

First of all, after a long hesitation I replaced my D7000 by a D7100. First I was tending towards a D610 full frame but in the end I stayed with the DX range and bought a new D7100. The difference in controls and handling with the D7000 isn’t big so I knew my way around from the start. Biggest reason for the switch was the better auto focussing system.


Also some more news on the sales front.
Yesterday I’ve finally reached 100 sales on dreamstime.
This was the picture that was downloaded as number 100.


Last week I also joined a new agency GL Stock images. I sent in 10 pictures for applying and was accepted. Now I’m in the process of uploading a part of my portfolio. Click logo to follow my progress
Main reason to join them was the fair trade for contributors they promise, so I’m glad to support them.


Begin May we visited the Bourgoyen. This is a nature reserve next to city of Ghent. It’s amazing wet land just next to the traffic and buildings of the city and a real resting spot for migrating birds. It is also the home of a colony of Cormorants. Every year they are building their nest in the same trees and when the chicks are there it’s a weird spectacle to watch from a close distance.


You can make some nice walks in the reserve and most places are really beautiful



Like every spring we spent a weekend at the seaside in the north of France. The “Nord pas de Calais” coast is located the closest to the UK border you can get. It is also known as “site des 2 caps” You have the cliffs and the two highest points are called “Cap Gris Nez” and “Cap Blanc Nez”. Every year several people try to swim from the mainland at Cap Gris Nez, to Dover in England at the other side of the canal, or the other way around. This place is nice for hiking and enjoying the wild nature of the sea and cliffs.



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