2015 What happened so far with my photography

Well, I just go on photographing whatever I like. Taking pictures whenever I have the feel for it and posting them to the stock sites when appropriate. It has to be fun as I have already enough daily “sh. jobs” to do.
So 2015 was quit slow for stock photography but nevertheless I reached some mile stones.
My total sales reached 2000 downloads beginning of June.
Later in june I reached 1000 picture downloads on Shutterstock with a portfolio of +300 pictures Portfolio Shutterstock
My portfolio on Alamy reached 900 pictures Alamy 7horses and I hope to reach 1000 soon.
Whatever brings the future, I just keep on taking pictures along the way.

Another interesting thing that happened in the stock landscape was the sell of Fotolia to Adobe.
In the past I was a bit ambiguous about Fotolia as they showed very low respect for their suppliers, the photographers. Let’s hope since Adobe bought Fotolia they will realise a large part of their customers are now also their suppliers. First signs are positive with the launch of adobe stock
My adobe port exposure gets quit bigger now. We will see.
Whatever others may think of stock photography, for me till now, it was a great way to learn taking pictures. For those new enthusiastics however, don’t expect to earn a lot of money with it.
Anyway, who cares, it’s just a hobby.