Getty gives away your pictures for free

Just started to delete my pictures on Istock or I’ll be screwed too.

Here some more info

and on CNN

Getty is accusing everybody of being a thief.
Just not sure who are the real robbers Getty?

Shutterstock is ways ahead my best agency. Not only because they sell most of my images but mostly because they tell me which pictures are crap and educate me to take better pictures.

They react as real photography professionals

One day later…

The weather is very good here in Belgium.
Had a lot of ideas to compose some new pictures but I really can’t pick up my camera now.
It’s a shame that all these shark companies are profiting of our works without contributing anything themselves.
I go on strike for a while.

Just want to make it clear, although I’m using this picture the embedded way I also bought it from Istock the normal way (with the converted credits I earned before closing my account)

My big toe tells me using this embedded picture is bad because Gettty controls it. Sooner or later they will replace or delete it although I bought the picture legally from Istock. I’ll come back when anything happens.

Some more interesting stuff about using their player. It’s seems to be a great opportunity to get invited to Washington

More about it by Sean (The famous photographer)

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