2014 a slow start for my stock photography.

The first month of 2014 started a bit slow for my photo hobby. The weather was boring with mostly a grey sky, no sun , no snow. Not a good time to take the best pictures. Fortunately I had the opportunity to visit our Belgium coast two times. Athough the weather was disappointing I managed to take some pictures. On the beach of De Haan where we did an afternoon walk along the shore, the winter sun peaked through the clouds and some of the pictures I took at that occasion where good enough to sent to the stock agencies. Some were accepted and others are still waiting.

And here are two taken during a visit of Nieuwpoort on a cold winter day
Sales were quiet ok. During January 46 pictures were downloaded which is in line with 2013 where 503 pictures were downloaded in total.
I stopped uploading new files to 123rf because sales are very slow and I started uploading to Istockphoto where I have around 80 pictures in my portfolio by now. You can find them here
Other news was that Shutterstock started to accept “illustrative” editorial pictures. If you want to submit pictures there you can find some more info at their site
Till now I always submitted my editorial pictures to Alamy but I have send a few photos to shutterstock and already had one small sale.
Feel free to browse the rest of my pictures submitted recently and don’t forget to have some fun.

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